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4.jpgThe Warm Coast is an extensive section of the Spanish coast in which the rough mountain landscapes prolong their desert tranquillity until the edge of the sea.

It is a horizon of rosebays, chumberas and wild palmito, that remembers, in some watchtower, the danger of the piracy and appears with the same solemn calm that in the times of the adventurous navigators arranged to return with the filled ships. The shout of the gulls and the humming of the cicadas are sometimes the only sound that bursts in into the luminous atmosphere.

But there are still more reasons for the curiosity. The resistance between the old marine villas and the huertanas cities, whose personality must so much to the almost mythical fertility of its fields like a its monuments, could make believe the traveller who the distance between and others is greater.

Murcia is a small region in which a brief passage, about 100 km. between the most distant points, it can present corners very different. The mines, the orchard and the mountain have been, with the coast, their protagonists throughout a full history of events, that could very well happen through legend.

Our intention is solely the one to spur the curiosity of the traveller: it will be impossible to reunite in a so brief space all and each one of the characteristics that conform their attractiveness. Although it is difficult to evade the laziness when it is rested in the beach, the effort is worth the trouble.

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